I just lost my virginity to an older woman and I don’t know how I feel about it

This happened literally earlier taking a gap year from college and working part time at a farm in in exchange for free room and board (no pay) in a sort of volunteer program. Yesterday an Italian volunteer came in and got a room, and when we were working earlier today she began to strike up a chat with me– how are you doing, what do you do for a living, what kind of music do you like, that sort of thing. She seemed absorbed (and I, having never had sex before, was curious where things might lead with her), so we continued to talk. Later that day while we were cooking lunch (we eat lunch together as a group she mentioned carelessly that she had a that day she, me, and one other volunteer went out for a walk in a nearby forest and later went to get some beers. When me and this other volunteer (who is the same age as me, 18) brought up our ages she said something to the effect of "wow, I'm getting Coupled with account she made later about how she felt like she was mentally younger than her peers in hindsight I think she might be trying to relive something but maybe I'm reading into it too we were drinking we started to talk about music and she told us she was absorbed in catch music from our countries (I am from the U.S. and the other co-worker is from Brazil). When we got back home she invited me to her room so that I could show her some new not that I realize where this was all going as much as I was too eager to really care. As we were making out and disrobe each other I asked her if she had a to which she responded of"- and then I asked her if he would be okay with this- to which she responded I have a condom ready, but she said that was okay as long as I come in her, so we her, I'm assuming the sex was okay- though it's hard to judge her reaction because I don't really have anything to compare it to. It was terrible for me though, since I had to pee the entire time. Besides, I too into it, and I had a hard time getting myself to a point where I was ready to orgasm. Eventually I realized that I was in danger of getting an STD from riding it bareback, so I asked her if she was carrying anything and she said no. Since this happened earlier tonight we spoken to each other again yet.

I don't know how I feel about the whole thing. The sex was absolutely not what I expected. I don't know if she was actually any good or not but I feel like one night stands like that really my thing at all. I don't know if I should feel like I was taken advantage of or not, and I don't really know what to make of the fact that she's so much older than me (30 years old, to be exact). In addition, I'm not sure what my associate will think of this, since we were pretty loud and I'm pretty sure the entire flat guy, me, the girl, and two Turkish guys; we live apart from the owners) heard us. I value his opinion a lot (he's a pretty friendly guy, and I think he's really cool, though that might be a little one-sided to be honest), and also the opinions of the two Turks living here also. I'm not really sure approve, but I'll try to breach the subject gently in the morning while we're 4 AM here and I've been awake the last 2 hours. Every time I try to sleep I just think of the whole What should I do?

today was my second day of high school.

I'm not making any friends. I feel so lonely because I don't know how to interact with others. It seems like everyone already formed groups and I'm hanging out with these random people from my old school. I feel balked because I try to open up to others but no one I feel like I will never find group of friends. I regret going to this school to get a fresh start. I hate my family and my school.

Dear Dead Bully

Why did you even do it. Why did you torture me? Because your friend like me? Because the boy she liked like her and liked me instead? Was that enough reason to spread awful rumors? To harass me on a daily basis? To egg my house, throw things at my car, and humiliate me every day you saw me?

You told people I went down on boys I even know. You told people I had sex with guys in cars in the school parking lot. You lied to so many people that the friends I had, started to question whether they knew me at all. I lost so much. And that was just the start. I became a loner. Yet you still persisted to walk behind me in school and make comments about my body, hair, anything your little demented mind could come up with. People listened to you. You made my life hell. The only people that would be friends with me turned out to be the guys that thought I really DID do those abominable things. When they found out I with them, they added to your mean rumors and made it all worse. A domino effect if you will.

I had no friends my senior year in high school. No prom date. No parties for me on grad night. No big trip planned with friends. Just me. Depressed and suicidal because of you. You robbed me of what were supposed to be the happiest years of my think it would end there. But no. You went to the same community college. You would yell things down the hall at me, throw things at my car, leave horrible notes on my car, you'd call me with different numbers and laugh and laugh when I answered. Who would call me anyway, right? I was so passive. I was too shattered as a person to confide in adults. No one ever listens to an upset high never got the chance to confront you. I never got the chance to ask you if it was worth it. Did it make you feel better about yourself? About your life? Did ruining every piece of my self worth, self esteem, make you happy about your life, your worth? It's been years since we graduated and I went as far away from you and that place you made me hate as I I heard you died. I believe it was true. Maybe there is justice in the world. I sat there with a strange smile on my face. Although you had power over me for years, I'm so glad you died. Not in a pleasant way. You died over a period of two days. I hope it was painful. I hope you thought about me and how many times you made me sob in front of groups of people. I just stand by and listen to all these people on the news say you were a good person. We both know the truth. At least some reddit users will see this, know what you did too. I'm so much better now. After years of therapy. I built a support system. I'm loved now. I have friends now. And in the dirt. Where you should be.

I guess thats my I'm not sorry you died. The world is much brighter now. Maybe I'll go home for the holidays this year after all.

I’m in love with someone else

Someone from ten years ago came back into my life and my failed marriage isn't working out. I have two kids and do love all three of them, but this other girl is so easy to talk to and be me. If you have seen Yes Man, she is the Zoey Deschanel for me. But I can't tell my wife and I can't tell Zoey.

i would

i would

I must be crazy

My wife loves me enough, to be unwilling to gradually lengthen the time I am chained up in a entire bag! She is a good lady and I am very lucky. However, I am driven, addicted even, to this bag, and ready to take my chances on whatever she comes up with, in the form of a third party or parties. She carefully admitted that she daydream about having a more lover who would encourage her to become more cruel and demanding with me. She is a , and has a client with a mental age of about eleven, and raging adult hormones, whose idea of real fun, would be to play with a helpless male, endlessly, and to make them suck his cock, also pretty She can institute a program of taking him in to live with us, under her control, and we have done this one isolated time at a weekend. She told him I had been bad, and made her very angry, and I must be punished, and suggested that he could do pretty much anything he wanted, with her approval, short of actual physical injury. So this big guy who sounds about ten, from where I am, gave me the full treatment, over the entire three-day weekend, with her checking on us, every hour or so. Now he wants this to be a permanent adjustment, and I think I do is torn between the current ethics of the situation, and the fact that the guy is happier and more docile than ever before, and her husband seems content too! Can't say for sure how this will work out, but I'm leaning towards , as long as she's okay with it! Opinions anyone?

Hypocrites and (literal) parasites

I've been wanting to talk about this somewhere, with someone but I'm worried I'll be analyze so I'll talk fixing my laptop I detected that he has been regularly visiting gay hook-up sites. I even looking for anything, but the man know anything about incognito mode or auto-fill It was blatant. All I typed brought up another gay hookup site. Even his auto-fill brought up throwaway emails along the lines of family is VERY middle-of-the-road high up in the local church. as hell on face value.

I tried to put it aside and ignore is, the guy has always made my skin crawl. Before I knew all this I hated the and the fact that his hygiene is basically He's rich and gross and bigoted but I put a face on because I love my partner and it's not my place to say he keeps leaving The guy is clueless. I'm not going to help cover his tracks and who knows, maybe his wife and him have an agreement, whatever. All I care about is my , I find myself staying at their place for a while after becoming homeless for a while. They have a spare room, say it's no problem. It's good of them so I can't he gets sick. We get visits from EPA which is weird. Turns out he has a parasite that is EXTREMELY rare in this area. I only find this out after myself and my partner contract it too. It's not super dangerous if healthy, but it makes you really sick and it's bad for accessible the kicker: It's conveyed purely via feces. The letter from the EPA categorically states that people who engage in anal sex with multiple partners , like a closeted guy who hooks up with gay guys all the time) are most at risk. Not only that, but since the father in law's hygiene is so shitty and despite me scrubbing and bleaching the place continually he leaves shit on the toilet seat and never washes his hands) we probably consume it through his risky behavior is putting his family at risk now. The sickness the parasite causes can kill kids and older people. His wife has multiple health problems and my immune system is already agree due to chronic so angry and I feel so grossed out and helpless. I need out of this place ASAP. The guy makes my skin crawl.

I downvote every comment on reddit that uses generic he

matter how good the comment is, if you use the generic masculine, you get a downvote. No I also actually ignore comments that start with "you do know that … appropriate