I have a crush on Wesley.

I want to fuck my girlfriend’s friend.

Throwaway for obvious reasons. Tonight I [24 M] was hanging out with my companion and two of her friends [all 24 F]. We had a great time tonight, we saw a concert, ate food at a bar and had a few drinks at a bar before we all went our separate ways for the evening. The whole time we were hanging out though, the main thing that was running through my mind was how good one of her friends looked in the dress she was really no other way I can put it, but her friend has a really great body and it's all I could think about all night. Obviously I would never move forward with anything or ever do anything even close to being studied flirting with this girl, but ever since my gf imported us a few years ago, I've been very palpably attracted to her. Like, I fantasize about her This was our first time actually hanging out together and all I could think about the entire night was her ass. This is a conflict obviously because I love my companion a whole lot, but if I'm honest with myself, I'm more attracted to this girl palpably than I am to my gf. Don't get me wrong though, there are reasons I'm with my I'm attracted to her , and she has a very alluring face in my opinion, but her body is not very alluring, or as alluring as the other women I interact with daily. She's about 235 lbs, and most her body weight is in her belly (I'm 6'5 200lbs for those who may want to know). My companion just does not have the body type i'm most attracted to. Her friend though is like the perfect human imo. This all sounds shallow I know, but like I said there are other reasons why I'm attracted to my This other girl though, I cant see myself being in a accord with her, but I also can't stop daydream about her sexually. I kinda feel guilty about this feeling, but I also don't really know how to feel about it. I sometimes have these feelings about other girls I meet too. Am I like a sex addict or something because I can't stop daydream about my hot friend? Or are these just that all guys have? Any thoughts or advice would be TL;DR: I can't stop daydream about my hot friend. Am I a sex addict, is my companion just not alluring enough for me, or am I just over thinking normal thoughts that most guys have?



People who watch anime are sub human and are not worthy of respect

Chiefly if they post those shitty cartoons on social media or dress like them (aka weaboos)

I’m a burden.

I've been idle for two years. I can't find jobs I like. The few ones I enjoyed, I tried getting jobs, but My grades were bad, I have the action they want etc. I tried going back to school but due to validity where I live, it's not an option. I'm too poor to move to a place where I could go to school, however. So I have to work with what I currently got. I'm not too lazy to work. I did graduate fellowship and stuff, to try and get I also did actually land a job, and one a lot of people would kill for at that. However, I hate it. I don't enjoy it directly, and it's to me, I feel useless and like I'm wasting time. I'm only there for a month, but I'll quit this coming week, because I'm so unhappy. My catalyst is terribly absent because I'm depressed and have other mental issues , or at least not rooted in my I've been on welfare before, and I'll likely need to return to them. I don't want to live on tax cash when I could do my job, but I'm so unhappy. I'm at the point where I feel I'd rather be thought of as a leech and be despised for it, than continue doing stuff I hate. I'm probably really selfish. I'm sorry.

Still can’t get over my ex

I can't get over her, she's always on my mind. It's been 6 months. And she's moved on 😞

I’m terrified of driving near semi-truckers.

Now, I consider myself a great driver, and I'm usually not afraid of trivial stuff, but when I was 18 (I'm 27 now) a trucker rear ended me at a red light giving me whiplash and totaling my car which was affecting because I put so much money, blood, and sweat into it. At 24 years old, a trucker had a blowout in front of me chucking a tire right into my car while I was driving 70mph spoiling my front end. And just the other night I was driving behind a trucker who was driving on a blown tire still flapping around shooting sparks from his rim at 60mph absolutely unaware anything is a car guy, I'm actually more worried about my cars than my well being so it's actually a cursory fear, but fuck driving near semis. why I'm the guy that always flys passed them as fast as I can.

I’m terrified of sleeping

I slept properly in a few weeks now, I'm having dream every night (always something different I just know that I'm terrified when I do dream) I'm not sure why this is happening, I usually try not to sleep so I just mess around on my computer until I feel like passing , just really terrified at nights. can anyone help me out and explain why? or at least point me into the direction of someone who can?