To my wife

I'm not happy. way more happy around anyone else and never around me. always in such a bad mood around me, but are so happy around everyone else. You are so cold to me. You recoil away from my touch and kisses, but are touchy around everyone else. You flirt to everyone else, but rarely to me seriously or even jokingly. It's insulting and hurts me. It'd be fine if you did that jokingly and showed actual affection to me. Even when drinking, not that way to me. Just everyone else. You can say I’m jealous  but I have right to be. If anyone should get that kind of treatment, it should be me. Or even others and me, not others and not me. You don't show me affection on any kind of regular basis, it's sporadic, even if it’s a little bit randomly, I eat it up, because I'm so starved for Even when you drink around me, you never seem as happy. I've noticed it for a while. It seems like you'd be happier without me. I've been feeling depressed lately. It's because of this.

I see you happy around everyone else and it makes me sad because the only time I see that. It makes me feel like I can't make you happy. Like just with me because you feel like you have to be, not that you want to be or are really happy with me.

I feel that I give you the best of me and the best of you gets given to everyone else, the kids, your friends, etc. And I get left, normally you falling asleep or being too tired or stressed out. I got with you to be with you and i feel like I'm not getting that. I feel like I'm getting like 10% of you at most. I know been sick and stuff, but whenever not, it's like I come last. I always try to make you come first. The lack of date nights, time to talk and visit and be with each other has absolutely affected that. It also seems like it has been more after the cruise. We were here before that, now, not so much. It seems like the only time we do talk or spend any time together, it's spent fucking hate it. At times, it makes me want to die. I can't stand it anymore.

Overweight/ugly women are not worthy of attention or respect

Masters Punishments 2

I loathe reddit, but can’t stop

I'm annoyed that all is , majority of comments are entirely extraneous, all needs to be *positive, even though much is NSFW? Feels like nursery school

Masters Punishments

My existence is a waste of money

Just wanting to get something off my chest. I'm basically an major while all my sisters are business majors. (I regret my major everyday but it's not like i'm great at anything else like them) I have no assurance I'll find a job after I don't get along with them due to personal reasons, but I do keep in contact with one sister. (though our chat always ends badly as she thinks individually of me) Idk, I feel down again since our last chat ended as 'get a job you piece of sht' 'you do anything to deserve [insert She continually reminds me of how shtty I am. I do want to get a part-time job to help with my fundings but due to my charisma when talking to anyone, stress over making mistakes, inability to follow direction somehow, etc.) I don't think it's very possible. (It's not that I tried but no one seems to want to hire me) Also, coming from a low income family makes me feel worse every time I spend money on supplies. I feel so pathetic rn, and I think I should just switch my major before I end up more in student debt. I believed for a while that I'm a failure of an asset and that I should cease to exist as I will not benefit anyone in any way. Sorry, it's quite a long rant. I'll probably delete this soon.

When I was younger…

I used to take a fruit roll-up into the bathroom, wrap it around my penis and jerk off into it, then roll it up and eat it. It was like a gusher candy except with my cum on the inside.

I’ve lost respect for my best friend after learning he is gay.

No, I'm not proud of it and I know it's wrong. But the contempt is there in my head. I've never agreed with , but I guess there must be some deep inside my I acted abetting when he came out, but I was privately disgusted and now I feel a wave of censure whenever I see him. I don't want to lose him as a friend, but it's eating away at me. I hope he know.